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    by Published on 10-22-2016 10:54 PM
    Playstation 2 - Click For More Info

    PS2 Development Scene i still healthy here in 2016 as we continue to see improvements and new releases. This time around we have Ps2Linux v3.8 from Maximus32 . with plenty of improvements in various area's. Checkout all the details and get the pengiun up and running on your PS2 Console. View all the details of this release from the developer below:

    - STLcardsWS

    by Published on 10-21-2016 08:56 AM

    Developer cpasjuste releases a development tool called PSP2shell, this utility is a remote shell (library & Client) to help aid in creating homebrew application and other development on the Vita platform. If you have been tinkering with Vita development this utility could help your needs.
    by Published on 10-21-2016 08:53 AM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    RINCheat 0.1 by Rinnegatamante marks the first Stable release of this plugin. In the Homebrew Community we seen the PSP explode with plugin development spawning many different plugins that gave many new features to a CFW enabled PSP, Then we seen the evolution of the PS3 Scene and while happening later in the development cycle we seen many useful plugins develop for that system as well. Now we have plugin support (through apps) that gives us some extra abilities and this plugin has a healty feature list see all the details of this plugin for the HENkaku exploit
    by Published on 10-21-2016 08:35 AM

    Redsquirrel has released Custom Theme Manager (CTM) version 1.0 to the public recently. This homebrew allows you to download various Custom Themes for the Vita Tv & PS Vita devices that of course are running the Henkaku exploit that is only available on vita firmware 3.60. So if you have your device on 3.60 with HENkaku exploit enabled then switch up your themes with CTM

    by Published on 10-09-2016 03:02 PM
    Playstation 3 - Click For More Info

    A new official version of RetroArch for the PS3 has been made by available, thanks to the efforts from Ezio who helps maintain the PS3 port of the emulator & of course from rest of the libretro team. This update is a big one as it comes with new cores and also with some major improvements to other cores. This update brings 2048 and 81 (Zx Spectrum) libretro cores to PS3 user's and even with this version a NetPlay feature is added and confirmed to work for PlayStation 3 CFW user's.
    by Published on 09-30-2016 10:07 PM
    Article Preview

    Here is another neat project (homebrew game) on the Vita / PSTV (with henkaku) . Super Hero Chronicles is a game created with Lua Player Plus and its alot of fun and i personally hope it goes much farther and progresses.
    by Published on 09-30-2016 08:11 PM
    Playstation 3 - Click For More Info

    A small update to one of the most popular PS3 Homebrew Applications was made by developer Aldostools as the backup manager IRISMAN receives a small update, the manager is a fork of Iris Manager, but differs greatly as IRISMAN contains a massive amount of features and functions not found in Estwald /D-Skywalk's project (Iris Manager). There are many other Iris Manager forks, but IRISMAN is by far one of the best solutions as it has even surpassed the original project in many ways. See the latest details and some older changelogs included
    by Published on 09-29-2016 05:35 PM
    Playstation 3 - Click For More Info

    We have seen several of those handy PS3 Extra ISO's that makes installing various mods a breeze, We have seen a coldboot collection, a XMB Wave Collection and even a PSN Icon Collection ISO, now we have a Font Collection to go along with the mix, The Font Collection will allow you to choose a custom font (with various choices supplied) to give your XMB that new feel and appearance.
    by Published on 09-27-2016 10:42 PM

    developer c0d3m4st4 has released VPKTool version 1.6 . this is a useful tool for extracting and repacking your VPK (zipped files). It comes equipped with a vareity of features, checkout the official readme provided for additional details and usage of this Tool.

    by Published on 09-27-2016 10:41 PM

    Here is another classic game to get ported to the PlayStation TV and the PS Vita. As Another World appears on HENkaku and the GekiHEN contest which has seen a few new releases spanning over the past several days and that trend seems to continue. Checkout all the details of how you can get this classic gem running

    by Published on 09-26-2016 11:26 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    usineur has released for the Vita, SDLPoP (Vita) is a port of "Prince of Persia" . The installation requires the installation of the vpk file and also will require some extra data files to place on your device.

    by Published on 09-25-2016 11:33 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    Another utility has made its way to the vita with the release of Game Shrinker and as the title implies this will shrink your games by removing various files such as languages, videos and more. This is important as Vita and memory can be very important as there is never enough when relying on a propitiatory storage medium that is inflated in price.
    by Published on 09-25-2016 11:23 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    It appears the GekiHEN contest has attracted another entry as the official ONElua team has released a port for the PS Vita running HENkaku, which means this is also compatible with a PlayStation TV [VitaTV]. There is Lua Player Plus (Vita) already but this should give others even more options when developing in a Lua environment. Several modules are already supported. ...
    by Published on 09-25-2016 10:40 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    Developer d3m3vilurr released Vita Save Manager recently, this utility if for "decrypted savefiles" with the ability to Dump & Restore. The developer has laid out instructions in how to use this utility for the HENkaku exploit that has sweep the scene by store the past weeks. ...
    by Published on 09-24-2016 06:18 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    A PlayStation TV & PS Vita port of OpenTyrian has appeared on the handheld and mico console via the HENkaku exploit, as developer cpasjuste has released an initial port of the vertical shooter, A style still to this day is popular with many Retro Gaming enthusiast (aka us old people :P )
    by Published on 09-24-2016 06:09 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    An IRC client makes its debut on the Vita via henkaku with a Homebrew by who else? Rinnegatamante who seems to be responsibility for a healthy portion of PS Vita Homebrew, Since HENkaku took the Vita TV and PS Vita by storm. LuaIRC is written with Lua Player Plus Vita and comes with a variety of features in this initial release
    by Published on 09-24-2016 05:21 PM
    Playstation 2 - Click For More Info

    Here is a new emulator update for the PlayStation 2 Community as developer belek666 has released an updated that fixes HDD support for TempGBA. This Gameboy Advance emulator has been reviewed and tested by PSX-Scene mod and PS2 Contributor UniqueUserName as he gives his "unique" perspective on this release as he has a extensive history with the project. So be sure to leave some feedback for the developer in the comment section ,
    by Published on 09-13-2016 11:42 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    Check it out Vita / Vita TV (pstv) developer's there is a new contest that has just started and is running through the end of January 2017. The homebrew contest is being put on by Custom Protocool, , & . This should brings about some new homebrew for the HENkaku platform.
    by Published on 09-12-2016 08:48 PM

    The HENkaku exploit continues to mature as the latest Release is put out to the public. In Release 4 there is some interesting changes like unlocking the internal storage space which is 1GB on most models. Plus get caught up on all the latest changes in the recent weeks in the changelogs also.

    by Published on 08-21-2016 04:22 PM
    PS Vita - Click For More Info

    =Here is a homebrew utility for the PlayStation Vita from developer ifrit05,Vita Hardware Test allow for testing various hardware variables that include buttons, sound, and contains a sleek looking GUI. A button not acting correctly see if its hardware related with this tool.

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